the humano difference

our approach is what sets us apart - we've honed our processes to ensure cost reductions, seamless operations, outstanding service, and unparalleled commitment to both our clients and associates. here’s how we make the difference


client communication

shift emails and surveys:

  • start of shift email - sent within 30 minutes of shift start, detailing crew availability, specific shift notes, and safety watchouts

  • mid-shift email - updates on shift progress to keep everyone informed

  • end of shift survey: evaluates cleanliness, work completion, behavior, satisfaction, and safety

  • end of shift email - summarizes the shift, outlines the next shift's plan, reviews safety results, and shares end of shift survey findings

weekly performance calls:

  • a dedicated time to discuss performance, identify opportunities, forecast volume, and more

our associates
are our #1 asset

task and goal communication:

  • set and communicate completion times for all tasks

  • provide updates throughout tasks to keep goals in focus

  • share goal results at the end of each task for clarity and motivation

daily and monthly touchpoints:

  • daily text recaps highlighting production achievements and incentives earned.

  • access to Daily Pay for immediate financial gratification

  • comprehensive PTO and benefits package, ensuring well-being

  • monthly associate appreciation programs, including raffles, lunches, and safety gear, fostering a positive work culture

recruitment excellence

strategic recruitment:

  • significant investment in recruiting efforts to attract top talent

  • experienced, bilingual recruiters recognized for their performance

  • utilization of zip code analytics to target potential candidates effectively

  • dedicated recruiting resources that align closely with our leadership for strategic hiring

engagement and screening:

  • hosting job fairs both onsite and within targeted zip codes to engage the community

  • implementing multiple pre-screening stages to ensure candidates meet specific client requirements

  • all candidates are E-verified, drug screened and background checked to make sure only the best candidates are chosen


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