transition from unproductive hourly labor to upfront CPU rates

experts in distribution center labor, humano provides managed cost-per-unit (CPU) staffing solutions designed to optimize your operation’s efficiency and bottom line. with CPU pricing from humano, all costs are known upfront!


what we do

humano is the nation-wide leader in providing managed cost-per-unit staffing solutions tailored to drive cost out of your operations.

humano can optimize any function within a distribution center including:

  • unloading 
  • loading
  • transloading
  • order
  • selection
  • labeling
  • sanitation

our innovative approach guarantees not just savings, but also the completion of 99.9% of scheduled work daily

key features

  • all proposed solutions are guaranteed to reduce operational costs
  • strict adherence to federal and state regulations for wage and workers compensation for all associates
  • onsite leadership at all times to drive performance and report results.
  • rigorous prequalification process including background checks, e-verify, and drug testing for all associates
  • our associates enjoy access to daily earnings, production pay based incentives, vacation time and comprehensive benefits

why choose humano

proven track record of driving costs down for our clients
pricing is cost-per-unit - you will always know what you will pay
a commitment to completing 99.9% of scheduled work daily
a steadfast adherence to compliance, ensuring all associates are fully vetted
a unique offering that allows associates to access their earnings and benefits daily

our commitment
to excellence

cost reduction



hire humano today


Chris, Retail Distribution

“Having worked with Humano since 2017 and their leadership team since 2009 I’ve enjoyed the benefits of having a partner in supply chain that is extremely dedicated to the success of their clients. Countless urgent situations we have been able to leverage the Humano team to mitigate volume spikes and labor constraints. In addition to investing in their people Humano has developed the systems that track activity in all facets of our operations giving transparency and integrity in an industry it is often lacking.”

Tony, 3PL Distribution

“The efficiency and professionalism exhibited by the humano team have significantly enhanced our overall supply chain operations. Their expertly trained staff is not only adept at unloading shipments swiftly but also ensuring that the process is conducted with the utmost care and attention to detail. This has translated into a substantial reduction in unload times, allowing us to expedite the delivery of goods to our clients and customers, and increase our margins.”

Jeff, Grocery Distribution

“humano does an excellent job of addressing our warehouse support needs and improving the overall experience for both our employees as well our vendors.  humano leadership are also trusted advisors for me and they constantly provide invaluable insights into potential internal opportunities or raise awareness for me on trends in the marketplace.  I wholeheartedly recommend them as a crucial partner in achieving success.”